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viernes, 20 de diciembre de 2013


I would like to announce that in 2014 I will be exclusive painter of corvus belli ( Infinity)
This mean that I will not paint miniatures for other companies.
I will continue with my work with Acrylicos Vallejo and painting for collectors (still do not accept commissions).
I made Studio Giraldez in 2007 and over the years I worked for many companies.
I want to thank the confidence in my work to all companies, THANKS

Avatars of War Spain
Draconia Spain
Spherewars Spain
Arcana Miniatures Spain
Tercios Creativos Spain
Euphoria Miniatures Spain
Zenit Miniatures Spain
Vepa Miniatures Spain
GameZone Miniatures Spain

Urban Mammoth UK
Otherworld miniatures UK
Antenociti's Workshop UK
Joek Minis UK
Maelstrom Games UK
Statuesque Miniatures UK
Studio Mcvey UK

Consortium France
Kraken Edition (only cooperation) France
Smart Marx (Smog) France
Fenryll France
Predastore France
Anastyr ( Paolo Parente) France
Ranging Heroes France
Taban Miniatures (Eden ) France

Privater Press USA
Mercs Miniatures USA
Cipher Studio (Anima Tactics and Hell Dorado) USA
Chapterhouse Studios USA
Red Box Games USA

RAFM Canada
Dream Pod 9 Canada

Kabuki Models Italy

Freebooter Miniatures Germany

During the 2014 you can see some paintjobs that I painted in 2013 for Hell Dorado, Anima Tactics and Sedetion War.

Best Regards
Angel Giraldez

3 comentarios:

Alex dijo...

Impresionante. Profesional.
Y muchas horas invertidas todos estos años. Un catalogo de tus minis pintadas seria tocho

MIK dijo...

You definitely deserve to be a 'franchise player' for them. Congratulations!

Ángel Giráldez dijo...

thanks so much ;)