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domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010



I painted about 22 new miniatures of several companies but yet I can not show it :X
here you can see some miniatures yet in my studio ;)
I think that in a few days I can show something ;)

jueves, 19 de agosto de 2010


I painted this miniature for the company Consortium.
It was sculpted by Dominique Seys.

viernes, 13 de agosto de 2010

Miri and Samanda

I painted these miniatures for the company Antenociti's Worshop.
It was sculpted by Andrew Rae and Jed

jueves, 5 de agosto de 2010


Today I receive 2 set of miniatures and 1 book of Warheads the new game of John Roberston :)
the miniatures are amazing, I like it.... it is very funny :) and also the book is great, good ilustration
I thank John this present ;)
In few days I hope show some painted miniature ;)
here you can see the website