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martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012


I painted it in the studio of Corvus Belli for the range Infinity
It was sculpted by Jose Luis Roig

I used Model Color, Game Color and inks Vallejo
if you have questions about colors you can ask here

basecoat: deck tan + a cam.beigeWWII
light 1: basic skintone + deck tan
light 2: ivory
tones: green , red,violet

basecoat: english uniform
light 1: sunny skin tone
light 2: ivory
shadow: black, chocolate brown

2 comentarios:

doom_of_the_people dijo...

All of them look amazing, if you wouldn't mind sharing your face recipe and the straps look close to a leather with a touch of orange(Am I in the ball park?). Also your bases are always so understated but so well done, that is quite the feat.

Ángel Giráldez dijo...

Thansk so much :)
I prefer make the bases very easy so it is more fast :), I have much work in the studio of Corvus Belli

Now I show the recipe ;)