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martes, 25 de mayo de 2010

caballero de Montesa

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Zarachi dijo...

Hello !

I really enjoy your amazing paintjob !

I notice that you were painting clearer armor than usuel on panoc acontecimento force, or at least on this knight. I'm fond of this color scheme and I would like to know which color did you use ? Is this something like a mix with field or sky blue (VMC) ?

Thx for answering !

PS : sry for my english but I don't speak a word of spanish :(

Ángel Giráldez dijo...


no problem for you english ;)
I apply more lights and the mixture is:
color base: filed blue + dark blue
light 1: filed blue
light 2. dark sand
light 3: white
shadow: military green, dark blue and black


Sylvannas dijo...

Angel tengo una gran pregunta, para la hombrera de acontecimiento, como lo ha hicistes, por que hacer que quede tan bien el pantocrator, es tremendamente dificil.

Yo llevo unas 3 veces que la tengo q rehacer.

Algun consejo¿?