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martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Gencon 2015

Just 91 days left until Gencon!!! The day is closer and I'm going to be there.
I've planned all my masterclasses and this year's are:
-Two painting demos with airbrush where I'll explain my method so you can see and ask all your questions.
.-Three masterclasses with airbrush + brush. This masterclass is very interesting because I'll explain all the steps so you can paint a miniature with me and pay attention. You don't need to bring an airbrush, Iwata will sponsor this masterclass .
-Two masterclasses on how to paint a new Infinity miniature, at this moment I can't say which miniature it will be, but that it is awesome.
-One masterclass on How to paint NMM. We'll use the NMM set of Acrylicos Vallejo.
-One masterclass on How to paint faces. This year, we'll probably paint a sexy girl
And finally, I'll make a painting demo with the airbrush at the Iwata booth.
Acrylicos Vallejo will sponsor all masterclasses so we'll have brushes and paints!!!
I think in a few weeks, Gencon will publish information about how you can sign up for them.
Also I'll announce something at Gencon...... I have some surprises but not yet, it's too early.

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