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martes, 10 de marzo de 2015

Angel GiraldeZ

Hello everyone,

I would like to present my new logo!!

 While my book has meant the beginning of a new future and new goals, my new logo means new challenges in my career.
I enjoyed writing my book.  I learned a lot about development and publishing.  I put everything I had into my book, working around the clock, nights and weekends.
This book has given me happiness and sadness.
Many people have experienced these feelings with me and they know that I worked hard to achieve my dream.
I have more dreams that I would like to fulfill because in this life you have to enjoy every moment. During this new stage I will probably come up against a few walls, but with hard work and perseverance, I hope to break through and continue advancing.

 Also, you have experienced the birth of my first book.   You have seen how I was posting photos and previews about the book before it was released.  Now, I would like to present the start of this new stage.
 I've received many mails and messages about the book and I appreciate all your support.  I would like to thank you all with a big surprise but... not yet!  It’s early, stay tuned!! ;)

Angel Giraldez

3 comentarios:

Noble Guy dijo...

Happy for your future in the industry. Just got your book yesterday in the mail and its awesome. Going to try painting the mini exactly as it is in the book. I did have one question, I think I read a part where you put liquid mask on with a air brush. Is that possible and if so do you water it down?, or did I read it wrong. Was up late studying the book lol.

Zdenda Krejčí dijo...

it is similar to the logo Avengers, be careful on copyright ;-)

Arkhareon dijo...

Logo looks really great. Similarities with the Avengers logo, do not worry. I think they does not meet the characteristics of copyright infringement. Good luck in future work:-)