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martes, 1 de abril de 2014

Non Metallic Metal painting set

Hi everybody
Last year I made the NMM painting set with Acrylicos Vallejo and I have always wished to make this set and Acrylicos Vallejo gave me the opportunity.
I have received many questions about this set so today I'm going to speak about NMM set.
In the first place, What is the NMM?
NMM is a technique of using non metallic pigments based paints to achieve a result that simulates metallic parts so you can use this techinque and get excellent results without using paints with metallic pigments.
In the second place, What do you find in this set?
You can find eight colors of Game Color plus, a step by step with a lot of photos.
In the step by step I explained how to paint the Cutter( Infinity ) and I enjoyed painting it.
With the eight colors you can paint silver and golden and YES! it is 2x1
and moreover you can get different silver and golden if you combine the colors.
I attach some photos where you can see it
If you have questions about of this set, ask me!!!
So long!
Angel Giraldez

1 comentario:

dapegon dijo...

Seems to be very interesting, but for professional painters.

Anyway, thanks for the explanation.