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viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

11th YEARS

Hello everybody

This month I celebrate my 11th year in the company Corvus Belli and another year more in my professional career.
I can't remember how many miniatures I've painted in my life but I can say a thing "I'm happy"
During these years I learned a lot of things and I'm improving my painting but I need something more.... a challenge!, therefore I decide to work in a personal project.
I started this project the last October and each month is growing but step by step and I hope to finish it this year.
It means a personal goal and I'm very hopeful with this project.
In addition, I created this year my youtube channel where you can see videos 360º of the miniatures, how I paint the miniatures and more things..... so if you aren't subcribed... COME ON!!!


In conclusion I enjoy speaking with all my followers in my facebook, blog, twitter,... They ask me their questions and I answer them, it is a good feedback! and every day we are more and more....
I appreciate your support and thank you so much.

Angel Giraldez

3 comentarios:

doom_of_the_people dijo...

Congratulations and I look forward to more videos on YouTube and I hope you have someone film your GenCon class at least in part. Thanks for all the paint recipes over the years as well.

cloudito dijo...

Congratulations Ángel!! As doom_of_the_people say, thanks you very mucho for all your tutorials. Hope your new projects will be as always, beter than the previous.



Ángel Giráldez dijo...

thank you so much :)