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jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

Tau Fire Warrior,54mm

Hello everyone! We bring you a tau fire warrior 54 mm inquisitor scale. This miniature was painted to raise funds for a short film called "El Aviso" directed by friend. All the money we earn will be directed to this cause.
Situates us in Spain, May 2007. Mateo works in construction and her partner, Sandra, studying to be a stylist. When they are about to take out a mortgage that will keep them tied to the bank his whole life, someone will try to stop them: Mateo of the future.

You can buy it:

1 comentario:

Tane dijo...

Hi !
Just amazing !!!
Can you tell us what are the reference of color you uses and the techniques please ?!!!!
Thanks a lot !
Regards from France :)