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miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Gnosis Armour Kara

I painted it for Studio Mcvey

I used Model Color and inks Vallejo

4 comentarios:

M R Lee dijo...

Saying that the painting is great would be an understatement. :)

Though I am more curious on how you painted up the base of it as I think that looks just as great as the model itself, and would look fantastic in the game itself!

Ángel Giráldez dijo...

thanks :)

I used airbrush for the base
colorbase: black
light 1: basañt grey
light 2: white
tones: dark prussian blue, turquoise, hull red
shadow: black

Oxides: calvary brown, orange brown and pigmetns

gloria_invictus dijo...

Who is the sculptor

Ángel Giráldez dijo...

Kevin white ,I think..