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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

Jotum y Posthumanas

Painted by Jose Veiga and Angel Giraldez for the distributor DIA CASH
Basic quality

4 comentarios:

Alviro dijo...

me encantan las posthumanas!
los de corvus belli deberian plantearse la idea de sacar postumanos hombres, lo haría muy versátil!

leszczyk dijo...

Smashing... so cooooool, The weathering and battle damage is amazing.
Just one thing:( - the grass on the base is to green 9for a winter grass from beneath the snow.

Edu Herbosa Cárcamo dijo...

nivel basico, nivel basico... dice el tio...¬¬

algun dia voy a tener que probar esas habilidades "basicas" amatorias tuyas XD

PD: eres un cabron XD

cabalier dijo...

gracias por los comentarios :D

Thanks for all the comments.

about the grass:actually if you check google image and search green grass + snow you see plenty of examples of this combination, here is rather comon because it is really wet and only a few days in the year snow so the grass dont get yellow. :D