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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

White and Metal: Step to Step


1º color base

radient platinum + greatcoat grey

2º shadow

coal black + thamar black

3º tones

meredius blue

4º light (with brush)

quick silver


1º color base

underbelly blue

2º ligh

mixture underbelly blue + menoth white

3º light

menoth white

4º light ( with brush)

retouch with menoth white the edges

5º shadow

mixture trollblood + greatcoat grey

6º tones

arcane blue

6 comentarios:

Colonel Shofer dijo...



Keep up the good work :)
The Colonel

Karnstein dijo...

Really nice. I'm not a huge fan of the Warmachine Elves, the armor look like a logitech-mouse plug, but can't say anything against the painting itself.

Just two questions:

1. I assume that you used P3 colors only. How much dilution did you use to get that smooth transition between the colors? My tries so far with P3 in my airbrush gun were not that great compared to Vallejo Model Air. (the violet pooled like ink)

2. What thinner medium did you use? Water, special airbrush thinner or something else?

Cheers, Karnstein

Ángel Giráldez dijo...

thank ;)

yes, I use P3 when I paint privateer press miniatures

I used thinner Vallejo and water
the mixture is:
2 drops of paint
2 drops of thinner vallejo
2 drops water

the paint 3 with airbrush is very dificult because the pigmentation is more thick
Model air is more fine and it is more easy for the painter

Ańa - the Painting Mum dijo...


Well done, thanks for sharing!

Are P3 paints the paints of your choice? I saw you that you use other brands too...

So I am wondering if you use P3 because you prefer them or just because they are suggested/recommended/required by the manufacturer?

Of course I will understand if you don't respond because of some obligations to manufacturers that you paint for. I am only interested in different opinions about paints, because in my post about the paints used by me for miniature painting I wrote my opinion based only on my experience, but some people may have different feelings about some paints, so I am always open to new experience or opinions.

Ángel Giráldez dijo...

Vallejo, P3 and Citaldel are good paints.
I prefer Vallejo for his fine pigmentation, i like it.
also vallejo has a great range of colors( Model Air,Game Color,etc...), you have much possibilities.

I used P3 with Privateer Press models, the colors are more satin but I mixture in some colors the flat base of Tamiya so I can get mate colors.

When I used airbrush I add thinner of vallejo for P3 so it is more easy.

Each paint has its characteristic :)

Great article in your blog ;)

Orleans dijo...

I understand you apply the base first, then lights, and shadows last. When and where do you apply tones? They are also part of the white color right?