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martes, 27 de julio de 2010


Today I can advertise that I am working as freelance painter for Privateer Press
I thank all team Privateer Press his confindence in my service.
I work with 2 greats painters, Ron kruzie and Matt Dipietro
I painted some miniatures, I hope show it soon....
For painting of the miniatures of Privateer Press I use paint Paint3, cool paints

7 comentarios:

zebrass dijo...

Al final van a tener que crecerte otro par de brazos..enhorabuena

Mario 2012 dijo...

y mucha suerte con el otro par de brazos...hehehehe

Anónimo dijo...

Privateer Press es una compañía bastante grande según creo. ¡Espero que todas esas pinturas te las hayan proporcionado ellos, son un montón!

goat89 dijo...

Congratulations! Hope to see some awesum paint scheme of Cygnarian troops from you! :D
PS: Maybe do a post of which faction you like and why ><

Mahon @ chestofcolors.com dijo...

Well done! They needed a painter like you very badly.

So many companies made the right choice of getting you to paint their miniatures, and now Privateer Press did the same... at last.

Enjoy the painting and show us some PP goodness soon :)

Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

Anónimo dijo...

Excellent news! Can't wait to see you work your painting magic on - a bit boring white - Retribution of Scyrah color sceme. Especially the Myrmidon-warjacks really need some great ideas.

Ángel Giráldez dijo...


thank all :)

Ya pinte algunas y es organizarme ;)
Tambien voy a pintar poco para ellos ya que tienen 2 pintores dentro de la empresa asi que yo pintare las minis que no le den tiempo.

Creative team give me the colour scheme so I can not change it.
but I can give ideas ;)